The Specials Program at James Hart School....

...allows students to gain experiences and knowledge in a variety of academic areas. Each class is taken by every seventh- and eighth-grade student for six weeks each year.


In art, we will look at and discuss major works/styles of art, as well as create our own masterpieces using the elements and principles of design. Students will also be exposed to various artists, art styles, and cultures from around the world.

Creative Media Arts

Creative Media Arts is a 6-week special for students in grades 6-8 in which they'll explore applications and software such as SketchUp, CrazyTalk, Photoshop Elements, Tinkercad, Kodu, Scratch, and Digital Sandbox. These technologies will introduce them to hands-on concepts in claymation, stop motion animation, facial manipulation, video game/website design, video/picture editing, and computer-aided drafting.


The 7th-grade Health curriculum is the study of the reproductive body system and other related topics. The curriculum is abstinence-based.

The 8th-grade Health curriculum covers a circle of topics beginning with self-esteem and stress. The students learn about various difficulties that can occur from an inability to deal positively with these areas. They also learn the power of positive character traits.

Industrial Arts

Seventh-grade students work with plastics, beginning with basic shapes to gain familiarity with the tools used, advancing towards items such as an ice scraper, pie server, business card holder and picture frame, all made with Lexan. Eighth-grade students begin with woodworking, initially designing simple projects such as a hand sander and advancing to projects such as the well known address sign, coat rack, or portable chair. This course helps students gain familiarity with shop safety procedures and protocols. All of these skills are necessary in more advanced shop courses at the high school level, as well as to provide students the knowledge necessary for basic home repair.


6th Grade General Music

7th Grade General Music
This course is a six week survey of the "History of American Music From 1640-Today". The class will consist of lectures, activities and audio visual presentations.

8th Grade General Music
This course is a six week survey of the "History of Classical Music" from pre-historic times to today. This class will consist of lectures, activities and audio visual presentations.


Your children will experience learning with a wide selection of hands-on, minds-on projects in STEM and applied technology. Project activities link technology concepts to core academic content in a way that’s engaging, relevant and learner-centered. SmartLabs™ meet learners where they are and take them as far as they are able to go.

The James Hart Specials Staff

  • Tom Jaminski, Industrial Arts
  • Matthew Johnson, Music/Band
  • Kristin Mescall, Art
  • Katie Nigro, STEM
  • Adrienne Olsen, Music/Choir
  • Cheri Pesina, Creative Media Arts
  • Ieva Radimonaite, Health
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